Single Family Residential Estimation

Building Your Vision, One Home at a Time: Single Family Residential Estimation Done Right

If you’re seeking accurate and efficient estimation solutions for single-family residential projects, Lakeshore Estimating is here to assist you. Our dedicated team of expert estimators specializes in delivering precise and timely estimation takeoffs, ensuring your construction plans start on the right track.

Comprehensive House Construction Estimates

Our experienced single-family residential estimators excel in providing comprehensive estimates for a wide range of residential projects. Whether it’s single-family houses, multi-family residences, custom homes, or even home additions and improvements, we have the expertise to deliver accurate and detailed estimates tailored to your specific needs.

Reliable Deliverables

At Lakeshore Estimating, we understand the importance of reliable deliverables for your construction projects. Our professional estimation services cater to contractors, homebuilders, owners bidding on projects, procurement, budgeting, and financing purposes. We provide digital takeoff files, detailed material types and quantities, and transparent breakdowns of material and labor costs.

Trusted Expertise and Portfolio

With years of experience, Lakeshore Estimating has built a solid reputation for excellence in the industry. Our estimators possess the knowledge and skills to accurately quantify all essential components of your single-family residential projects. From excavation and site work to carpentry, tiling, drywall, and more, our experts ensure precise estimation for a successful construction process.


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