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Welcome to Lakeshore Estimating Services, your trusted partner in accurate and comprehensive commercial estimating solutions. With our experience and resources, we cater to the diverse needs of both public and private sector construction projects. Whether you are a commercial contractor, developer, architect, or design firm, we are here to provide efficient and professional estimating services that empower you to make informed decisions and achieve success in your projects.

All the estimators are Canadian institute of quantity surveyor (CIQS) certified -PQs and CEC. Also our eatimators hold the designation of Canadian construction Association (CCA) Gold seal certification.

Fostering Collaborative Partnerships

At Lakeshore Estimating, we believe in fostering strong and collaborative partnerships with our clients. Trust, honesty, and synergy are the foundations of our relationships. With our systematic approach to estimating, we provide accurate estimates that minimize construction disruptions and ensure smooth project execution. Our dedicated team works in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, creating a platform that brings financial security to your projects. Experience the power of collaboration with Lakeshore Estimating and unlock your construction success.


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