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Unlocking Cost Efficiency through Accurate Estimating

At Lakeshore Estimating, we specialize in providing targeted construction cost estimating services to meet the needs of contractors, architects, developers, and owners. With years of experience, our expert estimators deliver comprehensive and accurate cost estimates, bid management, value engineering, and more. Trust Lakeshore Estimating for reliable and tailored estimating solutions for your construction projects.


Tailored Services for Unique Requirements

General Contractors
Project Managers

Comprehensive Range of Services

Our construction cost estimating services encompass various areas, including:

If you’re a contractor immersed in field activities and struggling with complex bidding processes, Lakeshore Estimating’s highly detailed and accurate construction cost estimating services can facilitate bidding and help you win jobs. We also provide assistance with bid filings and manage your bidding network profile.

For architects and engineering firms, Lakeshore Estimating’s services aid in evaluating design alternatives within budget constraints, with conceptual, schematic design, design development, and detailed construction cost estimating solutions.

If you’re a developer or owner, Lakeshore Estimating’s budget estimating services can help you define the initial budget, verify contractor bids, optimize efficiency, and control costs. Our estimates provide reliable pricing for vendor quotes and aid in negotiations to avoid additional change orders.

At the initial stages of project planning, Lakeshore Estimating’s preliminary estimates enable investors, developers, and owners to assess project feasibility. Our estimators provide square footage costs based on incomplete drawing plans, helping clients make informed investment decisions.

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