Residential Estimating

Crafting Dreams into Reality with Expert Residential Estimating

When it comes to residential construction projects, having a reliable and accurate estimate is not just important, but essential. At Lakeshore Estimating, we specialize in providing comprehensive residential estimating services tailored to the specific needs of Residential Contractors, Subcontractors, Homebuilders, Homeowners, Developers, Investors, Lenders, and Architects. With our experienced team of estimators and engineers, along with cutting-edge software tools, we offer quick turnarounds and reliable solutions to ensure your residential projects are planned and executed with precision.

Portfolio Of Residential Estimating Services Projects

At Lakeshore Estimating, we have an extensive portfolio of residential estimating services projects that showcase our expertise in various types of residential construction. Whether it’s single-family residential houses, multi-family residential houses, duplex/triplex houses, custom homes, modular homes, apartments, bungalows, townhouses, mansions, condominiums, home additions, home improvements, or remodeling projects, we have the knowledge and experience to provide accurate estimates tailored to each specific project.

An Accurate Residential Estimate As A Basis For Success

We understand that an accurate residential estimate serves as the foundation for the entire construction process. It provides essential information for planning, budgeting, financing, and decision-making. With our residential estimating services, we ensure that you have a comprehensive and precise cost estimate that helps you calculate markups, allocate budget, obtain financing, quote prices to clients, and negotiate with contractors and subcontractors.

Detailed Residential Estimates Tailored To Your Needs

At Lakeshore Estimating, we pride ourselves on delivering detailed estimates that are tailored to your specific needs as a contractor, homebuilder, or owner. Our experienced estimators and engineers meticulously analyze the plans, perform digital takeoffs using the latest software tools such as Planswift, Bluebeam, Quest Estimating, and utilize construction cost databases like RSMeans for accurate zip-code pricing. We break down labor costs, including union and prevailing wages, incorporating standard time and overtime. The bill of materials is listed in CSI MasterFormat division-wise or in Excel spreadsheets based on the pattern of CSI costs. This allows for easy review and seamless communication with vendors for pricing.

Why Choose Lakeshore Estimating For Your Residential Estimating Needs?

Accuracy, efficiency, and reliability are crucial factors in the residential construction industry. Here are some reasons why you should choose Lakeshore Estimating as your trusted partner for residential estimating services:


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