Preliminary Estimate

Preliminary Estimate for Feasibility Analysis, Budgeting & Informed Decision-Making

Are you seeking fast and accurate preliminary construction estimates for your projects? Lakeshore Estimating is your trusted partner. With our experience in the AEC industry, we specialize in providing reliable estimates to help you analyze project feasibility, set budgets, and make informed decisions.

Fast & Accurate Preliminary Construction Estimates

At Lakeshore Estimating, we understand the importance of having precise estimates in a timely manner. Our team of experts delivers fast and accurate preliminary estimates based on comprehensive analysis and industry knowledge. We utilize advanced estimating software and techniques to ensure the reliability and accuracy of our estimates. Whether you’re at the 30%, 60%, or 90% completion stage of your drawing plans, we can provide detailed estimates to assist you in effectively managing your projects.

Quoting a Preliminary Estimate to Clients

Our preliminary cost estimates are tailored to facilitate effective communication with your clients. We include the following information in our estimates


What You Get in Our Preliminary Estimate

External/Internal finishes
Mechanical (HVAC systems, ductwork, etc.)
Man Hours
Plumbing (pipes, drains, fixtures, etc.)
Electrical (cable, conduit, lighting, etc.)

Preparing a Preliminary Estimate

To ensure accuracy and reliability, Lakeshore Estimating follows a systematic process when preparing your preliminary estimate

Project Scope Analysis

Our estimators thoroughly analyze the project information and scope to understand its requirements and challenges.

Past Project Data

We leverage our extensive database of past projects to gather relevant data and insights, which form the foundation of our estimates.

Adjustments and Assumptions

We make necessary adjustments and assumptions based on factors such as time, location, project size, and specific requirements.


All specifications, adjustments, and assumptions are meticulously documented in detail, providing transparency and traceability for your reference.

Choose Lakeshore Estimating for Reliable Preliminary Estimates

When you outsource your estimating needs to Lakeshore Estimating, you can expect the following advantages

Reliable and Precise Estimates

Our experienced estimators provide accurate estimates that you can rely on for decision-making and project planning.

Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Our team ensures quick turnaround times, providing you with estimates within 24 to 48 hours.

Competitive Rates

Lakeshore Estimating offers affordable rates for our high-quality estimating services. Contact us to inquire about our pricing options.

Expert Estimators

Our estimators are certified professionals with expertise in construction estimating. They possess in-depth knowledge and stay updated with industry standards.

Customer Support:

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to address your inquiries and provide assistance throughout the estimation process.


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