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Lakeshore Estimating offers accurate and affordable building cost estimating services, providing you with precise figures for your construction projects.

We are dedicated to providing effective and accurate estimating services, helping our clients achieve their project milestones.

When it comes to building a home, having an accurate building cost estimate is crucial. Each home is unique in terms of size, style, and quality, making rough estimates insufficient. Whether it’s new construction, renovation, remodeling, or improvements, our building estimating services can assist you at every phase, from planning and design to the development of detailed construction documents.

At Lakeshore Estimating, we provide highly precise and detailed building cost estimates and quantity takeoffs. Our experienced estimators utilize the latest tools and software to ensure accurate results. We rely on zip code-based pricing for materials and labor using industry-standard resources such as RS Means and Craftsman. Our building estimating services adhere to the guidelines set by esteemed organizations like the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (CIQS), Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE).

Our Approach to Construction Cost Estimating Services


Scope Of Projects We Cover

Custom homes
Modular homes
Home additions
Home upgrades & improvements

How We Serve Our Clients

Our building estimating services cater to a diverse range of clients, including residential contractors, developers, investors, lenders, home builders, owners, architects, and vendors.

Residential contractors and homebuilders rely on us for preliminary budget estimates, helping them provide initial price quotes to their clients. This aids in discussing design preferences and budget constraints upfront. We deliver reliable building cost estimates and preliminary estimates based on square footage costs, allowing contractors to quote fixed prices and avoid cost fluctuation surprises during construction.

Homeowners benefit from our budget estimates to set initial budgets, evaluate contractor quotes, procure materials, and understand labor requirements. We also provide drafting and design services in addition to our building estimating services if clients lack proper drawing plans.

Architectural design firms seek our assistance throughout the design phase to remain within budget limits and explore various design variations.

Trade-specific contractors, such as those in lumber, drywall, painting, flooring, plumbing, and HVAC, rely on our highly accurate and quick bid estimates. Our building cost estimating services help them win bid proposals, set profit margins, and procure materials and labor. We also provide support in bid filing, markup setting, and managing bidding network profiles.

Our Building Cost Estimating Services Include

Included in Our Home Building Cost Estimating Services
After carefully reviewing clients’ drawing plans, our estimators utilize software like Planswift to import blueprints for on-screen takeoff. Quantities are measured using the point and click method, resulting in detailed takeoffs. Our takeoffs categorize quantities based on CSI divisions, providing separate line items for each floor. We deliver takeoffs in EXCEL sheets following CSI MasterFormat, uniformat, or cost code specifications.

Our home building cost estimating services cover the following takeoffs


Software We Use for Home Building Cost Estimating Services

Quest Estimating
RS Means
IMHS Mark Systems
Let Lakeshore Estimating Assist You in Your Next Home Building Project With Our Building Cost Estimates!

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Get an Estimate: Receive the estimate in EXCEL format, either in our template or your customized template.


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